Smart Meter Health Complaints

The EMF Safety Network has published a page on some of the most commonly reported health complaints related to smart meters and its components.  Due to the mechanisms of EMF, it is not always apparent that smart meters may be the culprit.

Please read them over – you may be able to help a friend or neighbor with some much needed relief, and answers!

Read the symptoms here:

4 Responses to Smart Meter Health Complaints

  1. Antonio Piacente September 30, 2017 at 11:09 am #

    I am in need of urgent assistance. I have owned my townhome for 24 years, and my SMECO bill has always ranged around $160-180 this time of year, the highest it has ever been in 24 years, is around $205. They just swapped out my old meter to one of these SMART meters, and my bill is $409. Now, my roommate was out of town for 11 days with all his stuff turned off, and I was without a washer and dryer for 14 days because they were broken, so it was just me, and my son (part-time), here and we did not change any of our habits. Actually because it has been cool at night, we have not had the AC on in the evening, so you would think if anything, my bill would be same or less, not 2.5X more.

    I called SMECO and sent them three emails, and they said they will check my old meter reading, blah blah blah. What are my rights to get my old meter back? They claim I have to pay some additional monthly fee if I keep my old meter, is this true or can I refuse legally? I really need to know my rights here, since this is my house. Do I have other options to switch to other companies in So. MD? What about the health concerns I hear about and privacy concerns of these SMART meters? Any help or guidance would be appreciated.

  2. Nicholas S. Young May 20, 2014 at 12:34 pm #

    I foolishly allowed them to install a Smart Meter. After a few months I began to smell gas near the meter. I called BGE; they came out within an hour and they DID find a gas leak. This leak was around the gasket that attaches the Smart Meter to the meter itself.

    They told me that they could re-install the old fashioned analog meter, and I totally agreed with that. No I again have an old fashioned meter.

    I saw the article in the Sun by Jonathan Libber, and I thought I would contact you. Keep up the good work.

    I find this to be unconscionable. Installing a Smart Meter created the potential of blowing up my house and killing me.

    I hope people who have these Smart Meters can be on the lookout for gas leaks.

  3. Allen H, Charles May 30, 2013 at 4:32 pm #

    In my understanding of most RF issues, this radiation may be contained and blocked simply by putting a metal container around the transmitter. Anyone with a Smart Meter installed would need to put a simple aluminum foil envelope around the meter to disable most or all the transmission functions. This envelope need not, should not, touch the meter at all. It just has to completely surround it, even through a wall. This is the same principle as the Aluminum Security wallets that can be purchased to prevent smart credit cards being read, using RF.

    The meters are no different, except here we are containing the transmission and blocking incoming signals.

    Can the issuing Utility prevent this? I doubt it. You can build this container at a distance from the meter, and possibly a metal mesh or perforated metal will work fine in blocking most of the signal and allow air flow.

    Will blocking the signals cause an interruption to your power? I have no idea, but in theory, if one of these meters fails in use, surely the power to a home will not cease. There may be life sustaining medical devices connected. This one needs testing.

    I stand to be corrected…

    Allen H. Charles
    Author, The World Game (Amazon Kindle)

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