Former BGE meter tester sheds light on higher bills – only 20% tested; problems with interference jacking up bills

You will not believe this article.  It’s from April 20, 2009 and a must read!!  Go now >>

“Before deregulation, the Public Service Commission made sure we tested 100 percent of all meters,” he says. “But then once deregulation kicked in, they only required us to test about 20 percent. It was a whole different ballgame.”

“When we first started using them, we had problems with cell phones and even radio towers,” he recalls. “And remember, if you are off by one digit it can jack up your bill.”

Gatzke (PSC Spokeswoman)did not respond to the allegation that the PSC has stopped requiring that all meters be tested. Nor would she provide Investigative Voice with further details on the number of complaints the regulatory body had received about incorrectly estimated bills. Last month, Gatzke said complaints over estimates had doubled from the previous year, but said the agency does not track claims. She also admitted the agency was short-staffed and did not have enough personnel to handle the increase in complaints.

Thank you Investigative Voice and Truthspeaker, and TR of MSMA for finding this article.

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