Organizers’ Guide to October 4th

Hi all,
I’m excited to say we now have at least 32 separate public events planned throughout the US and Canada to mark International Day of Action to Stop Smart Meters!  From noisy protests to low key flyering events, lots of people are jumping on board, and more events are being added to the website every day.  It’s not the size of your protest that matters so much, but the overall number of events happening- let’s all get out there and TAKE ACTION TO STOP SMART METERS on Thursday whatever that means to you!! Casual and last minute is cool!!  It’ll be fun!
From Florida to Michigan to DC to California, Canada and Hawaii, we are coming together to say NO.
See the complete list of local events here: http://
1.  Please e-mail the details of your event to if it is not already listed on our site.  We will list it.
2.  If you are thinking of planning a local event- it’s easy!  We have flyers, posters, sample press releases.   Start here:
3.  Create a local flyer using our template- it could not be easier:
4.  Please make sure to photo and video your event.  Please send them to us asap Thursday evening so we can post them on the Action Day site.   Please post videos on or and then send us a link.  Please DO NOT send videos directly to us or attachments totaling over 1mb.  Keep files small if possible.  Short interviews with people as well as group shots are always good.  Deadline for immediate inclusion on the website is 3pm Eastern Friday 5th.
5.  Call your friends and family to attend a local protest or start their own.   E-mail is lousy by itself- always follow up with a phone call!
6.  Call Barack!!  Get everyone you know to call Barack Obama on the 4th and tell him to dump the stupid grid!!
7.  Tell the media!!  Send a press release out about your local event:
We will have a new updated version posted tomorrow, so watch for that.
Talking points:  -“Smart Meters are not green; they are huge energy wasters and will cost consumers”
    -“Smart Meters are not UL certified and have been responsible for hundreds of fires and electrical
    -“Smart Meters emit powerful spikes of RF radiation that the World Health Organization considers as Class 2B carcinogen.  Over 54 international experts say children are particularly at risk.”
    -“Smart Meters violate your right to privacy; activities within the home can be tracked through individual appliance use.
    -“We are demanding an immediate halt to further deployment and a product recall.”
Thank you all for putting in the hard work to organize in your communities to make this day happen and harness the power of our international movement!!  We are taking back our power and it is a fine thing to see.
If you have contacts in Australia, England, New Zealand, Japan, the EU, or elsewhere in the world we would love to have some overseas events in solidarity!!
Ces compteurs ne sont pas intelligents!!
Good luck everyone- please feel free to pass this on to organizers.  One last thing- if anyone has a good photo of a past smart meter protest that would fit as a banner on the Action Day site, please send files (under 500kb) to 
Thanks and good luck out there!
Joshua Hart MSc
Director, Stop Smart Meters!
Stop Smart Meters! is a grassroots-funded campaign.
Please chip in if you can!
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