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Don Baker, a Sensus Engineering Employee, filed a complaint with direct personal knowledge that these Alabama smart meters were defective and dangerous

Posted on Stop Smart Meters! on January 20, 2012 titled “Meters that Endanger: Shocking Details from a Whistleblower” Don Baker was fired after from Sensus in Alabama after repeatedly alerting his management to the many dangerous defects present in the smart meter they were manufacturing, model iConA.  “As he states in the complaint he filed, this […]

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Milena Adams says wiring in her Richmond home was faulty. Photo: Ken Irwin

Australia: Smart meter shock: electrical hazards found in 3500 homes

This is an article by Melissa Fyfe of The Age in Victoria, Australia The Sunday Age can also reveal that, in the course of their work, smart meter installers have identified dangerous and possibly life-threatening electrical hazards in 3500 Victorian homes. Read more:

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State of Maine Utility CMP Supervisor admits finding Smart Meter fire hazards

Under the subheading “Fire risks” we see: Russ Farwell, a CMP unit supervisor, said the technicians are actually discovering more possible fire hazards than the company anticipated, and informing customers of dangers they otherwise would not have known existed. He said, so far, they have discovered 70 to 80 electrical issues in the Portland area. […]

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Danville Woman Says Meter is a Fire Hazard

ABC 13 WSET-TV article can be read in full online at: Reporter: Sarah Bloom l Videographer: Brian Vaughan Danville, VA – A Danville woman is blaming a smart meter for electrical problems throughout her house. Kari Pyrtle says the meter, provided by the city, actually exploded and that it could have set her whole house […]

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Texas: Fires spark during smart meter installations

This is a report by Chris Hawes, WFAA-TV Here is the article found at: ARLINGTON – Smart meter installations are being blamed for two house fires in Arlington this week.The problem isn’t the meters themselves, but instead what’s happening to electrical wiring. The first fire happened Monday on Brook Hill Lane and the second happened […]

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California: Smart Meter Blows Up at Business

This is an ABC KERO 23 Bakersfield news article which can be read in full at: If you visit the link above, you can watch a video of the approx. 1 minute news segment. Smart Meter Blows Up at Business: Employees Question Safety Mark Christian – ABC23 North Of The River Reporter BAKERSFIELD, Calif. — The PG&E Smart […]

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