Archive | Privacy How Privacy (Or Lack of It) Could Sabotage the Grid

This article is published online at: By Jules Polonetsky and Christopher Wolf   In October, President Obama announced $3.4 billion in federal grants to help build our nation’s Smart Grid.  The President said that the technology that will make up the Smart Grid will make the nation’s power transmission system more efficient, encourage renewable energy […]

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Earth2Tech: 10 Things To Know About Smart Grid Security

By Katie Fehrenbacher, published on Gigaom: The energy information that will be unleashed by the digital technologies of the smart grid is valuable. That’s why companies and policy-makers are pushing so hard to add infotech to our electrical system. But that information is also valuable to people that could use it for ill will — […]

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Smart Grid Privacy: Is The Road to Ruin Paved With Good Consumer Market Intentions?

The following was written by Don McDonnell, CEO of the McDonnell Group.  The original article can be read online at: ATLANTA – Oct 6, 2009 – Once the realm of energy wonks and technology nerds, Smart Grid entered the mainstream consumer consciousness at breakneck speed in 2009.  As major technology companies including Google, Cisco, and Microsoft […]

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The Internet of Things: A critique of ambient technology and the all-seeing network of RFID

Cities across the world are about to enter the next phase of their development. A near invisible network of radio frequency identification tags (RFID) is being deployed on almost every type of consumer item. These tiny, traceable chips, which can be scanned wirelessly, are being produced in their billions and are capable of being connected […]

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