Stop Utility Company Bullying Fundraiser going on now!


We have launched our first-ever fundraising campaign online using the Indiegogo platform.  You can donate any amount you and you can remain anonymous or not.  There is also a place to make a comment – we encourage you to share your thoughts and make it public.

Please remember to share this campaign with others. Sharing the campaign with others help people to understand the importance of this issue and raise awareness.  Every dollar counts, truly.  We know that times are hard and the opt out fees really hurt, but that is precisely why you should donate something – anything you can.  Your donation supports our legislative efforts and keeps the ball rolling! Things will add up quickly if each of us collects a few dollars from our circle of friends.

We have a PDF template of cards you can print and hand out that contains the address of the campaign.  You can pass these out individually or staple them to one of the 4″ x 9″ cards or pamphlets.

Please go on over to our campaign page and check it out>>


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