The Internet of Things Infographic: WE are becoming the “things”

Dave Evans of Cisco said that “…in 2008, the number of devices connected to the Internet exceeded the number of people on Earth. That’s right. There are more devices tapping into the Internet than people on Earth to use them.”

The intent was to get business people thinking about how one might prepare one’s own business network for the future; however, from a consumer point of view, we see that technology becomes more deeply embedded in our everyday lives and that we are essentially distributing ourselves in data bytes.  We do this voluntarily through email, social media, etc. but now we see RFID in consumer electronics beyond smartphones, and the CIA openly admitting how this will revolutionize “clandestine tradecraft”.   On the heels of India’s billions getting an unique identification through biometrics with talks to access personal finances is: Wow, we (the people) are becoming things of the Internet.

Here is the staggering Cisco Infographic:

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