PRESS RELEASE: Maryland Smart Meter Awareness is Opposing BGE’s Proposed Rate Hike of $15.20 Per Month for All Customers

BGE is seeking a monthly rate increase of $15.20 to recoup costs, notably for its wireless smart meter program.  This rate hike will affect every BGE customer, whether they accepted a smart meter or opted out of one.

The Public Service Commission (PSC) will be holding five public hearings where people are invited to voice their concern.  The locations, dates, and times of these meetings can be found on the homepage of BGE’s website,, located toward the bottom of the page.

A protest rally will be held at 5:00 pm on March 17th outside the Public Service Commission, at 6 St. Paul St., Baltimore, 21202.

Following the rally, the last of the five PSC hearings will take place at this same location on the 16th floor.

Maryland Smart Meter Awareness urges all BGE customers to join the rally and then attend the hearing.   A packed room is our last opportunity to defend our right to affordable energy.

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