Notice of Hearing: Tues., Aug 28, 2012 @ 2pm in Baltimore

In light of the recent fires in the Pennsylvania PECO service area, the Maryland Public Service Commission has scheduled a hearing on Tuesday August 28 2012 at 2pm.  The Maryland PSC will hold a hearing to collect testimony from four Maryland utility companies on the subject of smart meters causing fires in/on houses where the smart meters are installed.  (See hearing notice here >>).

Citizens are encouraged to attend to show the Public Service Commission (PSC) that the people of Maryland are very concerned about Smart Meters and pressure utilities to do the right thing.

Address of hearing:

Note that none of this testimony will be under oath.  It is highly unlikely that these utilities will admit to the peril to which they are exposing us.   Since there will be no opportunity for opposing parties to cross examine the various utility spokesmen, this will be a very one-sided presentation.

Smart Meters have been shown to have caused fires on houses in Pennsylvania, Texas, California, Florida, and also in British Columbia and elsewhere.  SMECO in MD is planning to install the SAME BRAND of smart meters here as caused a series of house fires in Pennsylvania.  The dozens of recent fires is what caused PECO to halt its installation effort.  Amazingly, none of these meters are certified by either Underwriters Laboratories or ANSI.  It seems ludicrous to put these very dangerous meters on millions of homes in Maryland with no independent safety testing whatsoever.

If the PSC allows this dangerous negligence to continue, the only thing that makes any sense is to propose state legislation that imposes a moratorium on all smart meter installations in Maryland.

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