Don Baker, a Sensus Engineering Employee, filed a complaint with direct personal knowledge that these Alabama smart meters were defective and dangerous

Posted on Stop Smart Meters! on January 20, 2012 titled “Meters that Endanger: Shocking Details from a Whistleblower

Don Baker was fired after from Sensus in Alabama after repeatedly alerting his management to the many dangerous defects present in the smart meter they were manufacturing, model iConA.  “As he states in the complaint he filed, this whistleblower reported serious flaws in design and functioning that could lead to electrical danger, overheating, and/or fire. In fact, the failure rate of the meters was twenty times higher than it was supposed to be, and the engineer contends that at least two house fires were the result. Sensus meters are used by utilities across the U.S. and in Canada, such as PEPCO, Alliant Energy, Alabama Power, and NVE.”

Incredibly, Mr. Baker’s allegations about the dangerous defects stated in the complaint have not been refuted or even addressed.  Read the article at Stop Smart Meters >>

Here is the May 2012 complaint filed:

Alabama Baker Sensus Complaint



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    […] As with many of the reports of fire, the power company says that the meters have been thoroughly tested and safe, but coincidentally, residents report problems occurring just after a Smart Meter was installed, with no other changes to their home or devices.  Especially worrisome is the fact that Smart Meters have somehow been exempt from the expected UL certification that such devices typically require.  (Past analog meters were also exempt, but they weren’t wireless devices containing lots of plastic parts as today’s Smart Meters.  It is neglectful to not have them properly tested and certified as every other manufacturer of similar devices.  Read this whistle-blower’s story in Alabama) […]

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