Contact the Maryland General Assembly re: wireless “smart” meters

MSMA urges everyone to send email messages, ASAP to ALL members of the Maryland General Assembly. Now is when they will have the time to read these; later they may be too busy.  Every representative can be a potential ally as they can co sponsor our bill even if they are not on the committee that will be hearing the bill.

The Assembly needs to HEAR OUR NOISE to know that we care. Please send a personal message to every elected representative. In your note,please describe how Wireless Smart Meters and the Opt Out fees have affected you personally. Include your name, address, telephone number, and, email address.

Consider dividing your messages into two groups:  (Delegates, including Delegates-Elect) and (Senators, including Senators-Elect) to simplify a generic salutation to each of the two different groups. If this seems too time intensive, then you can just contact your own representatives.

Here are two pieces written by Ron Powell which he recently sent to every member of the General Assembly.  We are including these to help you “brush up” on some of the issues.

  1. Maryland’s “Bill of Rights” for the electric power companies
  2. Health Argument for Replacing Wireless Smart Meters in Maryland

Here are the current listings for all State Senators and all State Delegates in the 2015 Maryland General Assembly.  The listings are arranged by District Number.

2015 Delegates (email only)
2015 Delegates (name, email, phone)

2015 Senators (email only)
2015 Senators (name, email, phone)

The following link can be used to find your district number as well as your elected representatives. But as the General Assembly is in transition now, please use the list provided here for the most current list of elected representatives.

After January 15, 2015, we will no longer need this list as we will be able to access the most current listings on the Maryland General Assembly web site at:


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