Comments submitted to the FCC by Dr. Paul Dart

“I am part of a medical advisory group that has spent the last 18 months researching the current medical literature on the biological or “non-thermal” effects of microwave radio frequency transmissions, in an effort to assist the Eugene Water and Electric Board in making prudent decisions on their choices of technology as they consider installing an AMI infrastructure of RF–transmitting “smart” electric meters. This document contains the product of our efforts—an extensive written review of the research to date on biological effects of RF.

The FCC has not chosen to implement any safety standards regarding non-thermal effects of microwave RF exposure. But the existing literature demonstrates that there is significant cause for concern regarding the growing impacts of these exposures on the public. Research documenting their adverse biologic and health effects is robust now. The implications of this research cannot be discounted, and must not be ignored.”


You can read his full comments here:

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