2015 Bills about Wireless Smart Meters in the Maryland Senate and House of Delegates

There are three new bills in the 2015 Maryland General Assembly that could bring us all some relief from the problems associated with Wireless Smart Meters.  Those new bills are listed below.  Click on the names of the bills that you would like to read, and you will be taken to the web site of the Maryland General Assembly.  Then click on the “Documents” tab and then on “Text” to bring up a PDF file with the bill…

In the Maryland Senate:

In the Maryland House of Delegates:

The first two bills above have been submitted in parallel in the House and the Senate to expedite their processing. They have identical content. They have many interesting provisions, and some of those provisions are still under discussion for amendment.  But at a minimum, these bills, if ultimately made law, would make the right to opt out of a Wireless Smart Meter a permanent part of the state law.  At present, the right to opt out is granted by Order No. 86200 of the Maryland Public Service Commission.  While that Order has no termination date, and is already permanent in that sense, an Order is too easily turned over later by the PSC, under pressure from the electric power companies.  A law can prevent that.

The second outcome that is anticipated from the first two bills is more favorable treatment for those opting out with regard to the Opt Out fees.  That could take the form of terminating the fees altogether or (depending on the amendments under consideration) terminating them for about one year.

There are quite a number of other interesting provisions, too, indicating that the sponsor, Senator McFadden, understands the range of problems that the Wireless Smart Meters have caused, including the adverse health effects that a number of you have experienced.

Your Email Messages to the Senate Finance Committee are Needed By Monday COB

The first hearing, on SB 9, is coming up on Tuesday, February 17, at 1:00 pm.   Our chances of getting the cognizant committee — the Senate Finance Committee — to approve this bill for submission to the entire State Senate for a vote are largely dependent on public support for the bill.  If you would like to see this bill made law, I URGE you to send an email message by Monday COB to ALL of the members of the Senate Finance Committee. It is enough to express support for “SB9:  Gas and Electricity – Smart Meters – customer Rights and Required Reports”.  But, of course, you may also express your wishes in greater detail.  We have some model letters here >>

You can find your reps, along with their contact information here:

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