Nat’l Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) publishes Smart Grid Privacy Guidelines

National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) published Guidelines for Smart Grid Cyber Security: Vol. 2, Privacy and the Smart Grid: The Smart Grid Interoperability Panel – Cyber Security Working Group. The NIST Smart Grid Guidelines address privacy concerns that arise from the “many new data collection, communication, and information sharing capabilities related to energy usage.” […]

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Glastonbury Symposium: Will the Communications Industry be the final straw for Our Planet’s Ecosystems?

The effects on the entire ecosystem are very real.  In a presentation at the 2010 Glastonbury Symposium, British microwave expert Barrie Trowers cites thousands of studies showing how chronic, low levels of RF radiation can compromise the immune system of bees, ants, farm animals etc. making them far more susceptible to disease. During a recent […]

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Electronic Privacy Information Center (EPIC) Recommends Consumer Privacy Protections for California Smart Grid

In formal comments to the California Public Utility Commission, EPIC said that utility customers should control the use of personal information generated by Smart Grid services. EPIC warned that companies will otherwise use the data for purposes not related to electricity delivery, consumption management, or payment. EPIC urged the California Commission to include a requirement that limits […]

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Electronic Privacy Information Center (EPIC) Testimony to Congressional House Committee on Science and Technology re: Smart Grid Architecture and Standards

EPIC Testifies in Congress on Smart Grid Privacy: EPIC Associate Director Lillie Coney testified before the House Committee on Science and Technology regarding Smart Grid Architecture and Standards: Assessing Coordination and Progress. In her prepared statement, Ms. Lillie Coney told Congress that the “basic architecture of the Smart Grid presents several thorny privacy issues” and explained how smart meters and appliances […]

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Earth2Tech: Smart Grid Data: Too Much For Privacy, Not Enough For Innovation?

This article is published online at: When it comes to smart grid data, how much is enough — and how much is too much? That question could pit the IT industry’s hopes to use smart grid data to help people save energy — and make money — against customer privacy and data security advocates worried […]

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FCC Release National Broadband Plan, Privacy Strategy Unclear

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) released its National Broadband Plan today. The FCC notes that “many users are increasingly concerned about their lack of control over sensitive personal data” and warns that “Innovation will suffer if a lack of trust exists between users and entities with which they interact over the internet.” The FCC makes several recommendations, but there […]

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Electronic Privacy Information Center (EPIC) Recommends Privacy Safeguards for Smart Grid Services

In formal comments, the Electronic Privacy Information Center (EPIC) urged the California Public Utility Commission to adopt privacy safeguards for Smart Grid systems to protect consumer electricity usage information from unauthorized collection, use, and disclosure. Smart Grid networks uniquely identify individual electrical appliances, and create new privacy risks. EPIC recommended that policies be established to protect consumer data, […]

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California: Smart Meter Blows Up at Business

This is an ABC KERO 23 Bakersfield news article which can be read in full at: If you visit the link above, you can watch a video of the approx. 1 minute news segment. Smart Meter Blows Up at Business: Employees Question Safety Mark Christian – ABC23 North Of The River Reporter BAKERSFIELD, Calif. — The PG&E Smart […]

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