Senate Finance Committee Voting on SB 880 on March 17, 2014: Make Your Voice Heard in Annapolis

While the Public Service Commission (PSC) finally agreed to allow Maryland ratepayers to opt out of getting one of these meters on February 26th, it is allowing the utilities to charge opt out fees of $75 up front and an additional $11 to $17 per month depending upon which utility provides service.  What the PSC is essentially doing is making anyone who chooses to opt out pay for his or her share of the smart meter system and pay a surcharge in order to cover the costs of the opt out system.   This is like someone buying a new car.  The salesman tries to talk him into adding a high tech stereo upgrade for $1,000.  The buyer refuses, but the extra $1,000 gets added to the car price anyway, and buyer still has the standard sound package he always wanted with no upgrade.

Senator Delores Kelley of Baltimore County has introduced in the Maryland Senate an excellent bill that will have each ratepayer pay only for the system he or she uses.  Under this proposal, the fair fees calculated for opt out customers will be either be very small or more likely nonexistent as it is much more expensive to run a smart meter system than an analog meter system.  That bill, SB 880, is now being considered by the Senate Finance Committee, and that Committee will be voting on that bill  March 17th at about 3:30 PM.   If you wish to make your views known on that bill, you are urged to contact the members of the Committee by preferably by 1:00 PM March 17th either by e-mail or phone.  Contact information for each Senator can be found below:

Senator Delores Kelley is the sponsor so we omitted her info. (Chairman)
telephone: (301) 858-3616 (Vice Chairman)
telephone: (301) 858-3578
telephone: (301) 858-3704
telephone: (301) 858-3169
telephone: (301) 858-3603
telephone: (301) 858-3671
telephone: (301) 858-3620
telephone: (301) 858-3645
telephone: (301) 858-3656
telephone: (301) 858-3745

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  1. Paul G August 6, 2014 at 4:14 pm #

    I have two homes and both have The Itron Smart Meters. Both were installed just over 1 year ago. At both locations I get ringing in my ears and tingling sensations at certain locations in the houses. One is in PA with Penn Elec (First Energy ) and the other in Maryland Delmarva Power.

    I want both meters removed as I definitely sense something is wrong at now both locations. Also , I wake each morning around. 3am !! Don’t know why but these meters affect the entire house wiring.

    Long ago there was talk of making house wiring the internet; well this may be the initiation of that technology.

    My md home is new but for your info be certain that your house is GROUNDED as several error it’s by the power co can cause serious EMF problems. Grounding can be done at the power box or at the power feed but it must be grounded .

    I do not know how to check it.

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