A Brief History of Maryland’s Smart Meters

  • 03/26/09: PEPCO filed a Request for Expedited Approval to Establish a Regulatory Asset for the Deployment of AMI (advanced metering infrastructure, aka smart meters) with the Public Service Commission (PSC). This also includes Delmarva Power & Light. See Case No. 9207 on the PSC’s website for details and access to documents.
  • 07/13/09: BGE filed a proposal with the Public Service Commission (PSC) requesting authorization to install smart meters. See Case No. 9208 on the Public Service Commission’s website for details and access to documents.
  • 06/21/10: Public Service Commission denied BGE’s request to install smart meters and requested that BGE file additional information specifically an adequate consumer education plan. On 01/05/11, the PSC ordered Pepco to cease all installations, however limited, until final approval of its AMI Customer Education Plan.
  • 08/13/11: Public Service Commission approved BGE’s smart meter plan and granted authorization to deploy. This writer is unclear as to the date that PEPCO was granted approval.
  • 02/15/12: Maryland House of Delegates’ Economic Matters Committee held a hearing on whether to allow customers to opt out of the smart meter plan (HB 878). On 03/21/12, the Economic Matters Committee issued an unfavorable report (in other words killed the legislative in committee).
  • Public Service Commission issued a notice of opportunity for the public to file written comments as to whether to allow customers to opt out of the smart meter installations and comments were due on or about 04/06/12. The PSC held an 11-12 hearing on 05/22/12 and nearly 120 people attended and the majority testified against the smart meter installations.
  • 05/24/12: The PSC issued a Deferral Order (see Order No. 84926) allowing customers to request, in writing, that their utilities defer the installation of a smart meter on their home or business until an opt out decision is made. In the event customers had already had their analog meters replaced by a smart meter, they, too, could defer, in writing, and the utilities were to deactivate the transmitter on their smart meter.  Note: The utilities began removing smart meters and replacing them with analogs or regular digital meters rather than deactivating the transmitters, per the Order, on most, if not all, customers who had smart meters installed prior to Order No. 84926. We believe the reason for this is that the transmitters cannot be deactivated.
  • 06/13/12: Southern Maryland Electric Cooperative (SMECO) filed a request for authorization to proceed with installation of smart meters. Case No. 9294. See for details and documents.
  • August 2012: The PSC became aware of the many reports of fires following installations of smart meters in Pennsylvania and held a one-side, legislative-style hearing on 08/28/12 to hear from the utilities (BGE, PEPCO, DPL, and SMECO) as to the equipment they are installing – or plan to install – and whether they are aware of any risks of malfunctions, overheating or fires. On 08/29/12, the PSC issued a Notice of Opportunity for Parties to Comment (on the malfunctions, overheating or fires) by 10/01/12. MSMA members Chris Bush and Traci Radice immediately filed motion to stay/motion for immediate moratorium. Neither motion be ruled on by the PSC by September 10th, Bush and Radice filed an administrative appeal and motion for injunction in the Circuit Court for Anne Arundel County.

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  1. Paul G September 1, 2014 at 9:15 am #

    I have observed that the bees and all flying insects have disappeared completely. I see one of two but they are in severe decline as cell phones and smart meters are deployed.

    I don’t know if it us the wireless technology but it is the most obvious cause and if so must be researched and halted in favor of laser or fiber optic solutions.

    We are in the 6th extinction as I type.

  2. Paul G September 1, 2014 at 7:43 am #

    My house in PA has a smart meter and I use the house in the summer. My next door neighbor does not have a SM. ?

  3. sueann May 5, 2014 at 4:30 pm #

    Mr. Nolte: If you go back to the Home page on this website, and then page down a bit, you will see a paragraph starting with ‘How to Opt out…..’. If you click on that, you will find instruction and assistance with how to request BGE to remove your smart meter and replace with analog etc. However, recommend you also read through the more recent legislative efforts and conclusions that are summarized on the Home page (beyond the 2012 timeframe that this history page covers). You will then see that, while the MD PSC did eventually require utility companies to offer consumers an opt-out from smart meters, they unfortunately (and outrageously) directed that anyone electing to opt out will be forced to pay not only a one-time, up front fee, but a monthly LIFETIME fee as well. In the case of BGE, this was/is $75 upfront (to begin with July bill, broken into three $25 payments – and $11 monthly for life (also starting with July bill). So the bottom line is that the utilities and PSC have shamefully made it painful and expensive for anyone wishing to exercise their individual right to say NO, to a new product offering. In view of the extraordinary profits the utilities will be making by no longer incurring the costs of on-site meter reads at 98% of their 1.2 million customers in the state of Maryland – it is clear that neither the utilities or the PSC have consumer interests at heart. In fact, it is anything BUT that. This is why we encourage you and everyone to join the people already involved with MSMA, so we can strengthen our continued legislative fight until we get these insidious fees rescinded by law – because at the moment, the current legislators in office have not yet proven that they care enough about their constituents, to stand up to the BULLYING and GREEDY utility companies and the MD PSC as well. MSMA is working to change that mindset, or, do all it can to replace pertinent representatives, with ones who respect and will protect the privacy and health concerns of Maryland utility customers. Thanks for your interest – and please join the effort !

  4. Charles C. Nolte April 25, 2014 at 1:19 pm #

    I have a smart meter installed by BGE on my house. How go about getting this meter removed, or is it not possible?

    • Charles C. Nolte August 28, 2014 at 8:44 am #

      How do I go about joining MSMA in this effort, the fees being place on people to oppose these fees being place on people wonting have these meters removed.

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