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New report warns of Smart Meter failures due to temperature and weather extremes

This articles was posted on the Stop Smart Meters! UK website.  Here is an excerpt: Independent scientist and researcher, Dr. Issac Jamieson, has brought to light some extremely troubling facts associated with international ‘Smart” Meter design specifications which could spell catastrophe for thousands of households and even lead to loss of life. In the report, […]

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Former BGE meter tester sheds light on higher bills - only 20% tested; problems with interference jacking up bills

Former BGE meter tester sheds light on higher bills – only 20% tested; problems with interference jacking up bills

You will not believe this article.  It’s from April 20, 2009 and a must read!!  Go now >> “Before deregulation, the Public Service Commission made sure we tested 100 percent of all meters,” he says. “But then once deregulation kicked in, they only required us to test about 20 percent. It was a whole different ballgame.” […]

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Don Baker, a Sensus Engineering Employee, filed a complaint with direct personal knowledge that these Alabama smart meters were defective and dangerous

Posted on Stop Smart Meters! on January 20, 2012 titled “Meters that Endanger: Shocking Details from a Whistleblower” Don Baker was fired after from Sensus in Alabama after repeatedly alerting his management to the many dangerous defects present in the smart meter they were manufacturing, model iConA.  “As he states in the complaint he filed, this […]

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Actual Smart Meter Microwave Exposure Video-taped – Kapaa, Kauai

An electrical contractor in Kauai, HI recorded a Smart Meter pulse at a business in Kauai.  (You can read the full article at:   This is a video of frequency readings from a newly installed smart meter at a Kapaa business. I am a licensed electrical contractor. I was recently called to investigate the security […]

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Non-Thermal Effects and Mechanisms of Interaction Between Electromagnetic Fields and Living Matter

YES there are documented biological effects of RF fields even at low, non-thermal exposure levels

The problem is that industry only recognizes thermal guidelines which are outdated and invalid in light of recent research.  Continuing to only recognize thermal biological effects presents an unprecedented public health threat in this age of electronics. In Dr. Magda Havas’s article: Debates about non-thermal and thermal effects made sense back in the 1970s but we have learned much […]

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Smart Meter Radiation Exposure Chart Graph

The Truth About Smart Meters

The following answers are culled from a variety of articles, statements, and opinions of leading experts in the field of RF microwave radiation and its effects on biological systems. MSMA has assembled these responses to help clarify our thinking when confronted by industry’s assurances of the safety of Smart Meters. It is our understanding that […]

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PEPCO's false statement regarding RF emission signals

PEPCO’s Smart Meters are shown to send out thousands of pulses per day and not just 6 times per day as stated in their literature

MARCH 15th, 2012: The Public Service Commission (PSC) and The Potomac Electric Power Company (PEPCO) now have confirmation that the smart meters are much worse than the manufacturer led them to believe based on a test of an actual smart meter.  This letter is from Chris Turner who called for the test on his smart […]

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Breitbart: Smart Meters: Stimulus-Funded Devices Benefit Green Lobby at Consumers’ Expense

Laura Rambeau Lee wrote an article for on the Smart Grid and Smart Meters, and who stands to benefit and who pays.  Guess where we as the consumers fit into this equation? Read the full article here:–Stimulus-Funded-Devices-Benefit-Green-Lobby-at-Consumers-Expense

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Smart Meter Radiation Exposure Chart Graph

Daniel Hirsch: Radiation Exposure of Smart Meters Report is Inaccurate

Daniel Hirsch, lecturer and expert in nuclear policy and radiation at UCSC, criticized the California Council on Science and Technology’s (CCST) “Health Impacts of Radio Frequency from Smart Meters” report. CCST is a partner with the US Department of Energy, funder and promoter of smart meters. Here he is on video in an impromptu interview […]

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