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A Vancouver Family experiences TWO fires as a result of newly installed Smart Meter

A BC Hydro customer in Vancouver, British Columbia, experienced a flash electrical fire which fried 20+ outlets and appliances.  The smoke detector alerted them – thankfully no one was hurt. Then BC Hydro replaced their Smart Meter with an analog meter, and things seem fine.  Later, BC Hydro returned and installed another Smart Meter without notifying the residents. The Vancouver family […]

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Actual Smart Meter Microwave Exposure Video-taped – Kapaa, Kauai

An electrical contractor in Kauai, HI recorded a Smart Meter pulse at a business in Kauai.  (You can read the full article at:   This is a video of frequency readings from a newly installed smart meter at a Kapaa business. I am a licensed electrical contractor. I was recently called to investigate the security […]

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PEPCO's false statement regarding RF emission signals

PEPCO’s Smart Meters are shown to send out thousands of pulses per day and not just 6 times per day as stated in their literature

MARCH 15th, 2012: The Public Service Commission (PSC) and The Potomac Electric Power Company (PEPCO) now have confirmation that the smart meters are much worse than the manufacturer led them to believe based on a test of an actual smart meter.  This letter is from Chris Turner who called for the test on his smart […]

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The Seletun Scientific Statement: 10 Key Points and Revised Recommended Exposure Standards

In November 2009, a Scientific Panel comprised of international experts on the biological effects of electromagnetic fields met in Seletun, Norway, for three days of intensive discussion on existing scientific evidence and public health implications of the unprecedented global exposures to artificial electromagnetic fields (EMF) from telecommunications and electric power technologies.  Their objective of developing guidance for global governments on […]

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