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Video: Smart Meter Fires Explained

Smart Meter fires explained, with examples from around the globe. Plain English technical analysis of how, why, what, who, where smart meter fires. Short term issues (bad installs) long term issues (corrosion from RF etc.)   Did Utilities and Smart Meter Manufacturers just admit responsibility for smart meter fires?? “So let’s recap. We have […]

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Commonwealth Edison confirms 3 smart meter fires in the Chicago Region; sending out meter designs for independent evaluation

Chicago Tribune article written by Gregory Karp and published August 30, 2012: Excerpts: Commonwealth Edison confirmed on Thursday that three of its smart meters, which wirelessly relay power-use data between homes and the company, have been involved in “small fires” in the Chicago region. ComEd said the problems stemmed not from the smart meters themselves […]

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Inside PECO’s smart meter debacle (regarding fires and smart meters)

Fierce Energy | Barbara Vergetis Lundin | October 15, 2012 There appears to be a lot of subtle blame going around when it comes to the cause of recent incidences of approximately 30 overheating smart meters — some of which resulted in fires — with Sensus as the “sacrificial goat” (scapegoat, that is). PECO pulls its smart meter […]

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2 picketers in front of the Maryland Public Service Commission Building

Maryland Public Service Commission holds hearing to discuss smart meters overheating and causing fires

The Maryland Public Service Commission held a hearing in Baltimore on Tuesday, August 28th in response to fifteen smart meter fires following newly installed utility meters in the Philadelphia area, compelling the Pennsylvania utility PECO to halt its smart meter installations pending a Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission inquiry. The Maryland Public Service Commission held the […]

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A Vancouver Family experiences TWO fires as a result of newly installed Smart Meter

A BC Hydro customer in Vancouver, British Columbia, experienced a flash electrical fire which fried 20+ outlets and appliances.  The smoke detector alerted them – thankfully no one was hurt. Then BC Hydro replaced their Smart Meter with an analog meter, and things seem fine.  Later, BC Hydro returned and installed another Smart Meter without notifying the residents. The Vancouver family […]

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Maryland Smart Meter Awareness and Anne Arundel County Council for the Environment Request Moratorium on All Smart Meter Installations in Wake of House Fires

The Maryland Public Service Commission will be holding a hearing in Baltimore on August 28th at 2:00 PM regarding the a series of fires caused by newly installed smart meters. Each of the four utilities involved with the smart meter installations is expected to testify.  No other parties or private citizens will be allowed to testify. Because of […]

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Texas: Fires spark during smart meter installations

This is a report by Chris Hawes, WFAA-TV Here is the article found at: ARLINGTON – Smart meter installations are being blamed for two house fires in Arlington this week.The problem isn’t the meters themselves, but instead what’s happening to electrical wiring. The first fire happened Monday on Brook Hill Lane and the second happened […]

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Is There Anything ‘Smart’ About Electric Smart Meters?

By BJ LIfe/Jonathan Libber, Jan. 8, 2015. Jonathan LIbber, president of Maryland Smart Meter Awareness, summarizes the many reasons why smart meters are not, in fact, such a smart idea.
“There is nothing smart about wireless smart meters. These meters are a threat to the health, dafety, and privacy of every single individual living in those sections of Maryland serviced by BGE, Pepco, Delmarva Power & Light, and SMECO….We therefore urge everyone to exercise his or her right to opt out. We also urge all residents to support legislation in the Maryland legislature to protect our right to opt out.”

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Scientists Say…

  • Based upon a study of 10 autistic cases and 10 normal cases, the pregnant mothers who gave birth to autistic children slept in a location in which microwave radiation was 20.7x HIGHER, on average, than pregnant mothers who gave birth to non-autistic children. Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt